Jeroen Niesen

Technical Blogger, Developer and Security Expert

About Jeroen

Jeroen is a professional and talented Microsoft consultant. With his skill set Jeroen fits easy in a role as cloud architect, trainer and implementor. Aside from his consultancy work, Jeroen also is a passionate speaker on various events. He also shares his real world knowledge on various platforms (blogs/YouTube).

Jeroen has excellent experience in Azure, Security, Azure Stack and application lifestyle management (ALM) with Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) or TFS.


On a daily basis I work with Azure. In almost all appointments I have with customers; customers are working on (or with) a hybrid cloud solution. I am specialized in Azure Security (various services and products), Azure DevOps, Azure Kubernetes, Azure SQL, CosmosDB and of-course the infrastructure-as-a-service components.

Azure DevOps

Due to my background (software developer) I have a lot of interest in Application Lifecycle Management (the process of dev-test-production) with the Microsoft stack. One of the best tools to develop software, maintain quality and do dev-test-production staging is Azure DevOps (or on-premise TFS). The first version of TFS I used was TFS 2010.

How To: Enable Web Application Firewall for your Application

Enabling the Web Application Firewall feature of Application Gateway for your application! Introduction Securing your applications in Azure can be done by implementing a Web Application Firewall. Web Application Firewall is a feature that is part of the Application...

Azure Site Recovery – VMWare to Azure – Best Practises

This blogpost contains a couple of tips that will make migrating from VMWare to Azure with Azure Site Recovery a lot easier. Introduction The last few weeks I was working on a big VMWare to Azure migration. In this migration I am migrating more than 100 VMs to Azure...

Zero-downtime deployments using VSTS and Azure

Using VSTS in combination with the power of Azure to do a deployment without any downtime. Introduction With continuous integration and continuous deployment is getting more popular; the amount of releases and deployments increases. In a classic IT environment those...
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