Jeroen Niesen

Technical Blogger & Consultant at InSpark

My job at InSpark

I am a technical consultant at InSpark. InSpark is a dutch merger company of Inovativ and Sparked. InSpark is a great company that can help businesses with digital transformation. Within InSpark I am working in a team that has focus on the hybrid datacenter (Azure, AzureStack, OMS, SystemCenter, Windows Server etc.).  Besides consultancy we also do implementations and deliver trainings. This year I will also be speaking on events.


On a daily basis I work with Azure. In almost all appointments I have with customers; customers are working on (or with) a hybrid cloud solution. I am specialized in Azure Infrastructure as a Service, Azure Backup, Azure Site Recovery, Operations Management Suite and Application Insights.

Visual Studio Team Services and TFS

Due to my background (software developer) I have a lot of interest in Application Lifecycle Management (the process of dev-test-production) with the Microsoft stack. One of the best tools to develop software, maintain quality and do dev-test-production staging is VSTS (or on-premise TFS). The first version of TFS I used was TFS 2010.

System Center

I learned a lot of IT administration with only Windows Server (without System Center or other management tools). The daily jobs (creating VM’s, users etc.) were very time consuming and boring. After I learned about System Center, i did an implementation at organisation I worked at that time. I was able to automate a lot of the time consuming tasks. Employees were now able to create their own VM’s via Windows AzurePack and tickets could automaticaly be solved by System Center Service manager with System Center Orchestrator. System Center is one of the key components to automate your IT!

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