The HoloLens Device Portal

A rich portal in which you can start live streams and do debugging


When demonstrating the HoloLens to customers, I often get the following questions:

  • How does the HoloLens know where walls, tables etc. are?
  • How can other people see what I am seeing?

These questions can be answered by demonstrating the HoloLens Device Portal (DP). Within the device portal you can to start a Mixed Reality View, start a 3D view and do some stuff related to app development. In this blog I will show some of the great features that live in the DP. I will not cover all of the features in the portal; in the future I wil do a blogpost that covers features redarding to simulation and application testing on the HoloLens.

Please note that thare is also a HoloLens app which allows you to connect to the HoloLens. The device portal is more advanced and intended for application development.

Mixed Reality View

The mixed reality view is a video stream which show the augmented reality that is visible through the HoloLens. It uses the cameras in the HoloLens and adds the holograms to that image. This is a great feature when demonstrating the HoloLens. There is no other software needed to start the stream; only a web browser.

3D view

This one is interessting. The HoloLens uses its cameras and sensors to create a 3D map of the room in which you are using the HoloLens. In the 3D view this map is presented to you. The map is visible from a birds-eye perspective or from a first person perspective. The 3D map can also be downloaded to use in a HoloLens simulator (for developing apps)

App Management

The device portal can also be used to manage apps. From within the device portal you are able to upload your application packages and deploy them to the HoloLens. This alows you to deploy your app directly without using the Windows App Store. It is also possible to delete apps from the portal.

This feature is very nice for developers. With this feature, they can to test their complete app package before sending it to the Windows App Store.

Enabeling the Device Portal

The HoloLens Device Portal can be enabled in the settings App. Before you can enable the device portal; you need to enable Developer Mode. To enable developer mode and switch on the device portal; you need to start the settings app. In the settings app, go to “updates & security” then go to the “For developers” tab. In this panel you can enable developer mode an switch on the DP.

The first time you enable the device portal you are asked to enter a password. This password will be used for authorising on the device portal. After enableding, you can find the device portal of your HoloLens at: https://{ip-hololens}

HoloLens App

Please note that Microsoft also has a HoloLens app. This app connects your Windows PC to the Hololens and gives you features like:

  • Live View
  • Control over the camera (take pictures and videos)
  • Photo and video viewer
  • Virtual Keyboard
  • App Manager
  • Shows device info

This app is more limited than the device portal, but also great to use in demonstrations!

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