Last week someone asked me if it was possible to have a direct link to incidents in the service portal, and if those links can be used in SCSM e-mail notifications. Yes it is possible to have direct links and you can use them in SCSM notifications. In this post I will explain how you can create these links.

The link

The direct link to incidents look something like:


Where <server> is the name of the webserver that is hosting your SCSM Portal, <port> is the port on which you are hosting the portal, <portal-name> is the portal name, and <id> is the id of your incident.

Generating a link in e-mails

As far as I know it is not possible to get the server, port and portal name out of System Center Service Manger. Because of that, I have hard-coded that part of the URL in my e-mail template. For the id you can use a variable: $Context/?$Id$?. 

Add a HTML link in the message body that looks something like:

<a href=”http://<server>:<port>/<portal-name>/SitePages/My%20Requests.aspx?RequestId=$Context/?$Id$?“>View your ticket in the service portal</a>

scsm_email template

To send a HTML link via e-mail, you have to make sure you are sending HTML formatted e-mails. You can do that by checking the “Send as HTML” at the template-desgin tab of your e-mail template.

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